Trade Mark: ABH

General Manager:Abdel  ShakourAlZatary

Contact Person: Abdel  Shakour Al Zatary

Short Description: ABH Company for tanning natural leather is one of the best specialist tanners in this field in Palestinian. As they  provide the footwear sector in Hebron with all kinds of natural leather that are well known fortheir high quality and durability.

ABH also follow many of the procedures and processes in production to ensure the use of the best methods of tanning are competent for the manufactures of footwear and other leather products.


The historical roots of ABHgoes back to the mid-twentieth century when Mr. Mohammed ShehadehZaatariwas a worker in natural leathertanning. This continued until 1998, when the sonstook over in the company.

Since that time, ABH has seen many enormous changes in production and technological capabilities that are employed in the production of the best types of tanning leather.

Then later, in 2011, the brandABH was registered.

Vision & Mission:

To improve and develop the industrial area.


Specialize in Chrome Tanning.

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Address Industrial Zone -Hebron-Palestine
Tel No 022215116
Mobile 0599296441
Fax No 022215116
Email Abood_zat@hotmail.com
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